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Follow the developments of the Proximo.

Follow the developments of the Proximo here.
The Things Conference 2018 Amsterdam ULP Workshop slides

Download the slides.
Ideetron b.v.: from prototype to mass production.


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LoRa Nexus Board
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News 1-2-2016

It's here!  The 915 MHz LoRaWAN Concentrator; IC980A.

To celebrate the new year, we have lowered the price of the Lorank8 significantly.
Have a look in the category LoRa.
Sporadic E-events observed

In the night of 30 November 2016, around 03:00 hours and on 4 December around 10:00 hours Sporadic E-events were observed by one of our LoRaWAN Motes in Doorn.
The mote was received by the Gateway on the Engie Building in Beek Limburg. 
During the event the mote was also observed by the Gateway KU Leuven Technologiecampus in Oosteinde Belgium.
That is a distance of almost 200 km!

There are often sporadic E events but particularly is that comes to frequencies of nearly 1 GHz and with a transmitter power of only 100mW.
The Lorank8 is in the top 100!!

MKB Innovatie Top 100
News 1-2016

New IMST products are added to our portfolio.
Have a look in our category: IMST Products.
News 8-2015

New LoRa products are added to our portfolio.
Have a look in our category: LoRa.
News 12-2013

More RF modules from HopeRF added to the shop.

Now available:
- pin compatible 'C'-type modules
- new RFM9x series modules with revolutionairy LoRatm modulation.

Also new MEMS sensors from HopeRF.

Use this link to jump to the HopeRF module page.

News 9-2013

Ideetron b.v. has moved to a new location.

Our new address is:

Dorpsstraat 81
3941 JL
News 10-2012

We have upgraded the number of different RF modules from HopeRF.
We also have changed our prices to the sample prices.
More value for your money!

News 3-2012

Partnership between Ideetron b.v. and HopeRF.

Ever since 2006 Ideetron has been your trusty supplier of stock and delivery of RF modules. We are experts at understanding the principles of HopeRF’s RF modules. After negotiations with HopeRF, which is located in China, we managed to reach an agreement about forthcoming partnership between Ideetron and HopeRF.
At Ideetron we can help you with everything regarding the RF modules of HopeRF, such as research involving the modules, designs, developments and assimilation of the modules. This could, for instance, mean the assimilation of the RF model in our design and the optimization of the BOM (bill of materials) in order to reduce the total cost of your product. When developing products using less money you will be able to maximize your profit and reach your market share quicker.
Ideetron focuses on product development and has several engineers employed for system designs, PCB designs and firmware.

HopeRF and Ideetron are a very strong team, due to the fact that we have the knowledge and they have the production capacities. The engineers at Ideetron cooperate very well with the engineers at HopeRF to make sure there is a perfect balance between the technological aspects, quality, transit time and last but not least, the price.

Ideetron’s technical crew are at your service.

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