USB LoRaWAN Mini Gateway
USB Mini Gateway
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2 channel LoRaWAN USB Mini Gateway ID150188-02

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USB Mini Gateway 

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2 channel USB mini gateway ID150188-02

An unmisable tool for the development of LoRaWAN devices (Motes).

New firmware: see Manual V20.


- A complete 2 channel LoRaWAN mini gateway for USB
- Small shape
- High output power; +20 dBm (100 mW)
- High sensitivity up to -139 dBm
- Range > 1000 meter
- Link-budget: 159 dB
- Power consumption TX: 120 mA at maximum TX power
- Power consumption RX: 11 mA
- Sleep power consumption: 1.4 mA (0,1 µA sleep)
- Power supply range: 2.4-3.7 V
- LoRatm Modulation
- Industrial temperature range: -40oC to +85oC

Specific (LoRaWAN):

- Frequency band: 868 MHz
- Spreading Factor: 7 -12
- Bandwidth: 125 kHz to 250 kHz


- Development
- Test

Product description:

2 channel LoRaWAN mini gateway with 868 MHz LoRa modules. Has a powerful 16-bits microcontroller (PIC24F32KA302).

The module is available for the 868 MHz ISM frequency band used in Europe.

Receive an USB mini-gateway for free if you write a usable Nexus Sketch!

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Moises - 27-10-2016 11:24

Works as expected. Tested on MacBook with CoolTerm as terminal software and FTDI drivers. The remote node used to test it was keyfob.

RonaldK - 04-04-2016 09:44

Heb deze hub besteld om een basic LoRa netwerk op te zetten. Werd keurig gebeld welk profile (sniffer of minigateway) ik wilde hebben als SW in dit product. Kreeg hem 2 dagen later in de post, primia service en levering.

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