SDBF0.5-868-100 SDBF0.5-868-100 Mounting bracket SDBF0.5-868-100 SDBF0.5-868-100_S11
SDBF0.5-868-100 SDBF0.5-868-100 Mounting bracket SDBF0.5-868-100 SDBF0.5-868-100_S11
868MHz 10dBi Base station antenna, Omnidirectional
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White, 10dBi fiberglass antenna with excellent performance. Ideally suited for the LoRaWAN network, so also for the Helium network. Tuned to 868 MHz. Comes with bracket.

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– Base station antenna, Omnidirectional
– Mono-band
– high-gain
– Equipped with anodized aluminium bracket for an easy side mast installation

Electrical Data:

– Frequency range: 868 MHz
– Polarization: linear vertical
– Gain: 10 dBi
– Grounded design
– Max. power (CW) 30°C: 50 Watts
– Connector: N-Jack, gold plated central pin
(comes without antenna cable)

Mechanical Data:

– Height (approx.): 1000 mm
– Weight (approx.): 700 gr
– Mounting mast: Ø 30-50 mm

Ideally suited for LoRaWAN and the Helium network!

Consider purchasing a good cable between your Gateway and the antenna. A good cable is at least as important as a good antenna. We offer a very affordable cable of type Aircell 5. This cable is ideally suited for a high frequency of 868 MHz. This type of cable is thin (5mm) and reasonably flexible, but the added value is in the low loss. The cable performs 50% better than the type RG58.

For an affordable and custom-made top coaxial cable with specifications equivalent to the LMR-400, choose our Ecoflex 10 or even better our Aircom Premium.

For more information: see Relevant Products below.

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Oscar - 23-03-2022 10:05

Zeer tevreden. Bestelling was snel binnen. Aansluiten was simpel. Aanrader!

leo Bovee - 10-02-2022 17:51

Goede kwaliteit en snelle levering.

Ramon - 17-01-2022 21:44

Antenne hangt nu pas 3 dagen op. Had eerst een Mcgill 6 dBi 'tuned' maar ben blij dat ik deze na 3 weken vervangen heb. RSSI en SNR waardes zijn een stuk netter op deze 10 dBi, rewards beginnen ook mooi op te lopen. Aanrader!

Chris - 05-12-2021 10:15

Prima, degelijk antenne. Afhankelijk van je doel is deze prima te gebruiken voor het helium netwerk. Wat meer tech. info over deze antenne zou mooi zijn

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