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Transceiver module RFM69HCW
Status: Active
Class: 2
(see: FAQ)


- pin-compatible replacement for the RFM22B and RFM23B module
- A complete transceiver
- Small shape
- High output power; +20 dBm (100 mW)
- High sensitivity
- Link-budget: 140 dB**
- Range > 1000 meter*
- SPI interface
- Very stable frequency (PLL)
- Frequency hopping
- Internal MAC, 66 byte FIFO
- Power consumption TX: 130 mA (at maximum TX power)
- Sleep power consumption: 1.25 mA (0,1 µA sleep)
- Power supply range: 2.4-3.6 V
- OOK, (G)FSK and G(MSK) Modulation
- Data rate: up to 300 kbit/s
- Industrial temperature range: -40oC to +85oC
- AES-128


- Wireless security systems
- Remote control
- Wireless sensors
- Home automation
- AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)
- Wireless M-BUS

Product description:

The transceiver module is a complete and efficient RF transceiver, suited for exchanging data with a data rate up to 300 kbit/s.Because of the SMD construction, the module has a very small shape.
The module can be controlled directly by a microcontroller with SPI interface. This way the total hardware of the system can be limited to a minimum.
This module contains a Packet engine with CRC, a 66 byte FIFO and AES-128 encryption.

The module is available for the 433 MHz and 868 MHz ISM frequency bands used in Europe.
The module comes in two different packages: DIL and SMD.
The SMD package is normal stock.

* under specific conditions:
The range depends on the following parameters:

- TX power
- RX sensitivity
- Data rate
- Transmitter bandwidth
- Receiver bandwidth
- Antenna height
- Antenna type
- Radio protocol
- Etc.

** Using 2 modules of the same type, maximum TX power and a data rate of 1200 bit/s.

Attachments (.doc): download, rename to .zip and unzip.

Use the toolkit in combination with the RFDK_PIC16_LCD.
Price details:
Price per piece:
€ 3,54
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Pascal - 10-06-2019 11:40

We have been using those modules successfully for years.

Guus - 22-09-2016 13:05

Snelle levering. Goed product.

Wouter Horselenberg - 30-08-2016 10:43

Goedkoop, Snelle levering.
Product werkt naar verwachting gedurende onze test / development fase.

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