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1.  RFM95W
2.  RFM69W
3.  RFM69CW
4.  RFM12B
5.  RFM69HCW
Ideetron wil u allemaal hartelijk bedanken voor de zeer geslaagde WoTS beurs.
Wij hopen dat u veel plezier heeft van uw Proximo.

Hieronder vindt u de meest recente gegevens over de proximo:

Uitgebreide handleiding.

De source code en het schema worden z.s.m. online gezet.

3D tekening

Watch the videos to follow the progress (videos made by Eurocircuits):

Step 1, the beginning:

Step 2, visit the designers at Ideetron b.v.:

27-4-2018: The prototypes are shipped from Eurocircuits to D&D to be assembled.
Download the layer stack here.

Step 3, From CAD to CAM:

Step 4, Producing the PCB @ Eurocircuits:

Step 5, Virtual Assembling and DFM:

Step 6, Assembling the PCB @ D&D Electronics:

Step 7, Developing the APP by students at the HAN:

Step 8, Shocking tests @ DARE!!:

Step 9, PM Komponenten makes the high quality housing:

Step 10, the development of a gadget:

Step 11, Gadget Assembly of 1.500 Proximo PCBs by Electro-Watt:
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