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LORANK 8+ 5 1

The lorank 8 with outdoor specificaties and 4G MODEM.
Just a 12V PSU is enough; set and forget.

The Lorank 8 with outdoor specifications.

The Lorank 8 is mounted in a Peli case 1170.
The case comes with IP67 connectors for Ethernet and PSU (12V) separate, POE or 4G option.

The Lorank 8 is the first affordable LoRa(tm) Gateway with professional specifications. With almost 50 DSP pipes on board it processes 8 LoRa transmissions simultaneously. This enables the connection with several tens of thousands end nodes around the gateway. And, with a sensitivity of -138 dBm and a maximum power of 500 mW you can easily reach the most distant nodes (*). The hardware is based on the high quality radio board of IMST(tm) and the open source Beagle Board. Also, the software is completely open source and may be changed to your liking. However, it comes with preloaded software for The Things Network, so no technical skills are needed to operate this device. Just plug it in and you are connected to all the things around you.

- Frequency band: 868 MHz
- Sensitivity: -138 dBm
- Maximum power: +27 dBm (500mW)
- LoRa demodulators: 49
- Simultaneous channels: 8
- Max connected nodes: ~60 thousand (**)
- Processor: 1 GHz, ARM Cortex A8
- OS:  Linux
- Software: Open Source
The Things Network
- WiFi: Optional (via USB)
- Guarantee: 2 years on hardware

Lifelong software update's

(*) Please note that, although the maximum connection distance is ~25km in open terrain, buildings and metal structures do hinder the transmission. Experience learns that distances of 5km are realistic if the gateway is mounted on a (high) point with free sight.

Read the information about the Fresnel zone:
Fresnel zone

(**)This is a theoretical maximum, under the assumption that nodes only send once per hour. Due to collisions, resend packets, packet loss etc, the number of nodes that can effectively be handled is lower, typically 10..20 thousand.

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Bob -

Werkt direct uit de doos. Standaard Lora gateway software dus lekker standaard en snel aan de gang. Een klein minpuntje is de zwarte behuizing. Wordt erg heet in direct zonlicht. Heb 'm dus maar wit geschilderd..

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