LoRaWAN Gateway Nominatie
LoRaWAN Gateway Nominatie
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The Lorank 8 is the first affordable LoRa(tm) Gateway with professional specifications.

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The Larank 8 is the first affordable LoRa(tm) Gateway with professional specifications. With almost 50 DSP pipes on board it processes 8 LoRa transmissions simultaneously. This enables the connection with several tens of thousands end nodes around the gateway. And, with a sensitivity of -138 dBm and a maximum power of 500 mW you can easily reach the most distant nodes (*). The hardware is based on the high quality radio board of IMST(tm) and the open source Beagle Board. Also, the software is completely open source and may be changed to your liking. However, it comes with preloaded software for The Things Network, so no technical skills are needed to operate this device. Just plug it in and you are connected to all the things around you.

This Gateway distinguishes itself from the others on the market by having a full (!) open source software stack.
The code we installed installed is present on our github account and can be viewed and modified by the user.
This makes it possible to tweak gateway completely according to your own wishes. Of course we can support you in the process as well.


- Frequency band: 868 MHz
- Sensitivity: -138 dBm
- Maximum power: +27 dBm (500mW)
- LoRa demodulators: 49
- Simultaneous channels: 8
- Max connected nodes: ~60 thousand (**)
- Processor: 1 GHz, ARM Cortex A8
- OS:  Linux
- Software: Open Source
The Things Network
- WiFi: Optional (via USB)
- Guarantee: 2 years on hardware

Lifelong software update's

(*) Please note that, although the maximum connection distance is ~25km in open terrain, buildings and metal structures do hinder the transmission. Experience learns that distances of 5km are realistic if the gateway is mounted on a (high) point (> 5 meter) with free sight.

The maximum connection distance is mainly determined by the Fresnel zone.

Read the information about the Fresnel zone:
Fresnel zone

(**)This is a theoretical maximum, under the assumption that nodes only send once per hour. Due to collisions, resend packets, packet loss etc, the number of nodes that can effectively be handled is lower, typically 10..20 thousand.

Compatible with Loriot.io:

Download the software

Ps. The lead time of the 5V version (standard) is from stock, when in stock. The lead time of the POE and 4G versions is 3-5 working days. The lead time of the 4G version is 10 working days maximum, if enough stock at our suppliers.

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PK - 10-05-2019 08:39

I use Lorank8 since half a year, it is running perfect.
My decision for the Lorank8 was that it is CE certified.

CdW - 10-02-2019 19:04

I've been using the Lorank8 for a short while now. It was very easy to bring it up and running.

JP - 03-12-2018 15:05

I've been using the Lorank8 for 10 months now. At first I was a bit disappointed as the original UDP packet forwarder would not start up correctly, or it will lose connection to the server. That meant I had to power cycle the Lorank8 at least every two weeks.

A few months back I found that someone ported the Resin.io (BalenaCloud) TTN setup to the BeagleBone (https://github.com/danielknox/ttn-resin-gateway-bbb). I installed it and it immediately worked without a problem. Ever since the software switch I have not touched the Lorank8. It's been running so stable that I am considering replacing all my Raspberry Pi based gateways with Lorank8's. With the Resin.io setup on the Lorank8 you have the same versatility as with a Raspberry Pi, but you have much better stability, and the Lorank8 is CE certified, which a Respberry Pi based gateway isn't.

Egon - 23-04-2018 18:29

De Lorank8 mag ook wat mij betreft het label "Set & Forget" dragen.
Het was letterlijk een kwestie van aanzetten, en hij werkt. Super.
En ik ben erg tevreden over de geboden service (adviezen, reactietijd op email, en after-care)

Jens - 11-12-2017 11:50

Hint: Check the BeagleBone functionality, having an addition local area network interface via USB connectivity. Power the Lorank 8 via PC connector / USB hub and access the BeagleBone via (http/ssh). I used this for getting the DHCP address of the Ethernet interface.
(further readings: https://beagleboard.org/getting-started)

Jos - 19-10-2017 15:29

Goede prijs/kwaliteit-verhouding. Vragen bij installatie worden snel en vakkundig beantwoord.

Roland - 25-08-2017 14:55

Installatie is erg makkelijk, voeding en netwerkkabel erin en het werkt. Zoals in de handleiding staat aangegeven natuurlijk wel even het standaardwachtwoord veranderen.

Christian Hammel - 17-07-2017 17:15

Works fine and nearly out of the box for more than 3 Months.

For showing up in TTN's console it was necessary to have
"stat_format": "semtech"
"fake_gps": true
in the local_conf.json

Gilles Callebaut - 31-05-2017 19:02

Works as expected!
The client service is also superb.

Romain Cambier - 13-05-2017 11:39

While providing a lot of default configs and tools, I think that disabling the web server should be easier to do.

Also, It would be great to include the The Things Network forwarder by default (not the semtech one, the new one using mqtt)

Gerrit - 07-03-2017 10:36

Perfect. Werkte "Out of the Box". En de hulp van Ideetron was bij het configureren naar Loriot uitstekend

Lex PH2LB - 22-12-2016 09:56

Works out of the box. Good and clear configuration possibilities. Used it with TheThingsNetwork and a private LoRaWAN setup.

Bruno - 28-09-2016 13:04

It works perfectly without any problems ;)

Gabor - 31-08-2016 16:28

Absolutely five stars! It works perfectly without any problems. Pre-sales support was very friendly, responsive and detailed.
I would welcome some "official" guidance from Ideetron on how to expand the product with Wi-Fi and/or 3G Internet connection through its USB connector.

SmartParcs Development - 14-05-2016 22:08

Top product waarvoor we na een analyse van verschillende gateways hebben gekozen voor onze bedrijventerreinen. Daarnaast is de servvice-verlening van Ideetron perfect voor flexibele ontwikkeling van LoRa applicaties.

Christian - 15-03-2016 17:17

Works reliably. No problems so far. For a future version however, I would suggest to add more LEDs or a display in order to get better status feedback.
Also a LTE interface would be nice to have.

Maarten - 07-02-2016 09:35

The Lorank8 is a good quality device. Setting up the device is easy and can be done within 10 minutes. The device itself is accesible trough ssh and since it runs a standard flavor of Linux it is a good device to thinker with. The device is running for several weeks now without a glitch.

francisdb - 22-12-2015 18:13

Werkt zoals het hoort, jammer dat de kabels onderaan uitkomen, moeilijker recht te zetten

Henk Hofstra - 19-11-2015 09:12

werkte uit de doos en draait nu 4 weken onafgebroken.

Jean Huveneers - 19-10-2015 11:33

Snel, goede service en direct gekoppeld in The Things Network.

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